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woman wearing ankle weights

The Best Ankle Weights – 2022

There is no better way to build up the strength in your body than through resistance training. We resort to resistance training to build up the strength and bring each different aspect of our body to its peak condition by working out regularly. Utilizing weighted vests for instance, can make a significant impact on your strength training regimen and help you buildup an overall core strength. Through adding such a simple piece of equipment to your strength training, you can bulk up even more effectively without having to add on extra durations to your workout.

Of course, matching the right weights to your body is going to be crucial if you really want to fast track your training to get the perfect body you have always wanted. The thing about resistance training is that you can always improve your approach on how you do it. What is stopping you from taking another step and bringing your game up another level from the weighted vests? What you need to do is put on a pair of ankle weights and while you are at it, you might even find it a good idea to use a couple of them on your wrists. If you get the weight distribution just right, you are in for a massive improvement to your resistance training regimen which will provide you amazing results.

Before you go out and pick up just any weights, you should know that picking the best ankle weights is not something you should do lightly. We have reviewed several different products in the category to find out about the best ankle weights you can invest in so you do not have to spend more than you need to on models you which will not suit your needs.

Here is what we have found.

The Best Ankle Weights – Comparison

A quick guide to the best options on the market

1. Empower Ankle & Wrist Weights for Women

Our top pick for women, adjustable from 4-12lb

Empower Ankle & Wrist Weights for Women, Soft, Adjustable Weights, Adjustable Strap, Running, Walking, Exercise, Resistance Training, Toning, (1 Pair) 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, 12lb, Navy
  • Weight: 3-12lb
  • Material: Neoprene

Whether you are walking, jogging, running or straight up going for a CrossFit boot camp, the Empower Ankle and Wrist Weights are the best adjustable ankle and wrist weights, that will increase the intensity of the workouts and improve your strength. This model is designed keeping the physical requirements of women in mind and they allow you to target all the major muscle groups in both the arms and legs. You can adjust the 8lb ankle weights in 1lb increments, to adjust the intensity based on your own needs.

The Empower Ankle and Wrist Weights are our choice for the best ankle weights available, because they are designed to be incredibly easy to use. You can carry them literally anywhere, they are durable and very comfortable. They are made using soft and stretchy neoprene which gives them the strength and provides you the comfort you need for extended day to day use. The double stitching ensures that the weights do not shift at all and provide you a safe and reliable workout wherever you are.

One of the best features is the adjustable weights. You already have two bars of 4lb each, and you can choose to add on 1lb metal bars to increase the weight and better manage the weight distribution. They also come with a very easy to carry workout guide, which you can store in the pockets if you are not using them for carrying weights.

Minor Issues

The aspect of adding 1lb increments means adding hard weights while the sewn in weights are very comfy soft weights. While it does not affect the overall comfort level by a large margin, if you are used to only the sewn in soft weights, it can cause you initial discomfort until you get used to them.


While you can easily use them for a lot longer even with rigorous daily use, the manufacturer guarantee is still there and valid for a year after purchase. In case they give you any legitimate trouble which entails that they are not performing how they should, you can easily have them replaced.


What We Like

  • Soft and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Adjustable increments of 1lb

What We Don’t Like

  • Hard weights for add-ons
  • Size might be too big for some people
  • Need to wear socks for add-ons
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2. CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Weight: 4-20lb
  • Material: Canvas

If you are going at it hard and strong with the maximum amount of resistance you can add that you can handle safely, you will be able to get the best workout possible. In order to be able to achieve the perfect balance, you need the best ankle weights which are adjustable to a very flexible degree.
With the CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights, you get one of the best deals in terms of flexibility. You can start out with the lightest possible weight and push it up to a whopping 20 pounds each if you really think you can take the intensity of the workout you can get with those.CAP Barbell HHA-CB020A1 Pair of 20-Pounds Adjustable Ankle Weights

The CAP Barbell weights are some of the best of this type, because you can use them more than just as an ankle weight. Considering the capacity it has to hold extra weight, you can use the extra storage space which you are not using for weights to carry other small items with you while you are out on a walk.

Many ankle weights only go up to 4lb each, but with these, you will never have that complaint. In fact, you can use these for a pretty intense workout if you go with the full load-out of 20lb.

Minor Issues

While it might not be an issue at all considering the fact that we are talking about the best ankle weights, you should know that they are not very convenient to use for your wrists as well as your ankles because of their size.


You can rely on these to provide you a very comfortable experience for a very long time but the manufacturer gives you a 30 day warranty just to give you a little ease of mind.

What We Like

  • Fully adjustable
  • High capacity
  • Very comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky
  • Cannot use with wrists
  • Straps too short for some
Find CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights on Amazon

3. BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weights

Number three on our list of the best ankle weights is the GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weight by BalanceFrom. They are one of the best ankle weights out there but they do a whole lot more for you than just increase the strength of your legs.

The BalanceFrom GoFit adds a very good difficulty level to your workouts which allows you to easily adjust into an improved regimen if you have never used ankle weights before. A neoprene exterior, reinforced stitching and easy adjustability for your ankle, wrist, arms or legs, it is a truly versatile entry on this list which you can use to make your workout even better.

We Like

  • Versatility
  • Comfort and superior function
  • Fully adjustable increments

We Don’t Like

  • Not good for advanced training
  • Good with limited use
  • Not good with very intense movement

4. Ankle Weights Set by Healthy Model Life

In order to keep your workouts from getting boring, this set by Healthy Model Life comes into the list of the best ankle weights to save the day. Designed keeping the physicality of women in mind, these ankle weights by Healthy Model Life are pretty good when it comes to helping you increase the intensity of your workout a little bit.

The only thing is that if you are expecting some really intense workout action, these will not be able to help you out a lot. The ankle weights by Healthy Model Life are designed for a little more casual use and they do not offer a lot of increments that you can add to push yourself to a very large extent with your exercises. Perfect for some casual workouts, they can be too easy to use sometimes.

We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Helps increase intensity at a manageable level
  • Size is adjustable due to Velcro strap

We Don’t Like

  • Does not offer a lot of weight increments
  • Can become redundant fast
  • Fabric is not very high quality

5. Nordic Lifting Adjustable Ankle Weights

For someone looking to add a little resistance to the workout, the Nordic Lifting Adjustable Ankle Weights can do a pretty decent job for a very low price. The purchase of the Nordic Lifting Adjustable Ankle Weight, you can choose from an option of a fixed weight of 1, 2, 3 or 5 pound size. It is fairly good to add a little more weight and intensity to your workouts to casually set you up for bigger and better ankle weights.

If you have never used ankle weights before, this is perfect for an entry level product which you can use to get a better idea of how well you will be able to manage it. The weights will wrap around your ankles quite comfortably and you can fasten the neoprene body using the Velcro straps for easy adjustment to your ankle size. It also features reflective strips so cars can easily see you while you are out running at night.

A very good thing about these is that they are not too bulky which makes them versatile. Switch things up and wear them on your wrists if you want to give your hands a better workout. You can even have a pair of these on the ankles and on the wrists to keep things more interesting.

We Like

  • Small size
  • Ease of use
  • Reflective strips

We Don’t Like

  • Not very good for high intensity workouts
  • Cheaper construction quality in comparison
  • Weights can start to leak

What Makes a Good Ankle Weight?

Ankle weights come in very different shapes and sizes as you can see from all the entries in this guide for the best ankle weights above. Each of them presents their own set of good qualities and slight drawbacks which can affect their compatibility for different people. While we have already provided you our choice for the best ankle weights you can buy, it is a good idea to understand what exactly makes an ankle weight good.

Ease of Use

Ankle weights, just like weighted vests, are supposed to help you increase the intensity of the workouts without causing too much stress on the muscle groups so they need to be easy to use. If an ankle weight feels more like a dumbbell rather than a slight bit of additional weight, you are gearing yourself up for unnecessary fatigue and possible muscle damage. The ankle weight you choose should feel right.


As you keep on using an ankle weight, you build up your strength. The stronger you get, the more your body can adjust to heavier increments and that is why it is important to have ankle weights you can adjust based on your needs. Similarly, you might want to decrease the weights for activities that require you to put less stress and the amount of adjustability becomes a major factor.


The best ankle weights will last you a very long time before they give out and you need to replace them. Durability is a crucial factor when you are out to choose the best ankle weight because it is impractical to keep on purchasing new ones every few weeks.


Ankle weights are a great way to make your exercises more interesting but you should know how much is too much. The reason why adjustable ankle weights exist is that you can tweak the weight distribution based on what your body can handle. In order to keep using them safely to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, it is vital to understand your body and keep the weights to a safe level.


Ankle weights provide you a brilliant way to increase your strength and build your body up without increasing your workout duration. You should also know that if you take care of them, these ankle weights will continue providing you a boost in your workouts for a very long time. Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the ankle weights when it comes to taking care of their maintenance needs.

Enjoy the benefits of endurance and resistance training through this simple addition to your workout apparel and you will see the results in no time. If you are already working out on a regular basis, adding these to the regimen will boost the effectiveness unlike anything else and with a lot of convenience.