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Weight Vest

The Best Weighted Vest – 2022

We all want to get better results from our workouts and for that, we are always looking for better, more effective ways to train. Companies have spent the last ten years innovating advanced designs to help people make the most of their efforts. Although many new products can improve workout results – such as weight supplements – nothing can beat the traditional weight vest which offers an effective way of increasing the resistance for more rewarding workouts. It isn’t just effective but is also safe compared to several other alternatives.

So if you want to increase resistance, shed those extra pounds and maximize the results of your workouts, you need to get yourself a weight vest. When you are shopping for a weight vest, you will come across tons of options. Since there is a lot of variety, choosing a weight vest that is right for you can be hard. To help you out, we have compiled a list of best weight vests available right now. This list should help you find a vest that best suits your needs and your wallet.

The Best Weighted Vest – Comparison

1. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest – Our Choice

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (6 Pounds (2.72 KG))
  • Weight: 4-25lb
  • Material: Neoprene

Trying to find a weighted vest that isn’t just fully adjustable but is also reasonably priced can be hard, but the Aduro Sport Weighted Vest is one option that gives you the best of both worlds. The design of the vest’s rig gives an impression of fine craftsmanship. While the Aduro Sport Weight Vest is advertised to be universally worn, it is more suitable for the female form and works exceptionally well with curves. It is basic, sleek, streamlined and practical, making it our top choice among all weighted vests.

Since it’s a fixed weight vest, it comes pre-loaded with balanced weight. You have five different options to choose from – 4lbs, 6lbs, 12lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbss. This isn’t the heaviest of vests, but the weight should be enough for the majority of people. The vest is laid out in a minimalist way. It features a set of shoulder straps, connected to the main load-bearing element that provides even weight distribution.

When it comes to weight, Aduro Sport boasts odorless filling which is said to be made of an iron product instead of cheap river sand that is generally found in other alternatives. The neoprene material of the vest is soft and breathable which makes it perfect for high-intensity workouts. The shoulders are also padded for extra support. The back of this weighted vest features a mesh pocket which you can use for adding extra weights.

Minor Issues

The only issue with the Aduro Sport is that even though it is created to be worn universally, it isn’t best suited for the male form. More focus has been put on making it the best option for women.


This weighted vest comes with Aduro Sport Lifetime Limited Warranty as well as friendly U.S.-based customer service so you can wear it with confidence.

What We Like

  • Mesh pocket included for storage
  • Comfortable padded shoulders
  • Fully adjustable and inexpensive

What We Don’t Like

  • Design is unisex but the vest is more suitable for women
  • Not the heaviest of vests
  • Not very durable
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2. Empower Weighted Vest for Women

  • Weight: 4,8 or 16lb
  • Material: Neoprene

The x-shaped silhouette design of the Empower Weighted Vest has captured the attention of many. This vest is specifically designed for women and should enhance their workouts by distributing weight in a comfortable and balanced way. This allows you to use your vest anywhere – even when out in the club dancing.
Empower strives to help people lose more calories in less time and this weighted vest from the brand should increase the intensity of workouts so that you can safely train or jog while burning up those calories.Empower Weighted Vest for Women, Weight Vest for Running, Workout, Cardio, Walking, 4lb, 8lb, 16lb Adjustable Weight

A loose weighted best doesn’t just restrict the workout you can perform but also lead to injury. Thanks to the well-designed adjustable strap of the Empower Vest, you won’t have to worry about the vest getting out of place while you are jumping or running. The x-shape designed perfectly fits the women figure for faster results. Adjustable strap allows for easy sizing, ensuring that the vest doesn’t become lose during exercise.

Neoprene material adds to the comfort and softness of the Empower Weighted Vest. This breathable form allows high-quality movement so that you can maneuver with ease no matter what type of exercise you are doing. For the price, there is hardly any other weighted vest that can compete with the Empower.

Minor Issues

One minor issue with the Empower Weighted Vest is that the weights are sewn in, which means that they aren’t removable. Not only that, but more weights cannot be added to this vest. If you want to take your workouts to the next level that adds more load, you will have to get yourself another weighted vest.

What We Like

  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Extra pocket is included for phone
  • Eye-catching design

What We Don’t Like

  • No option to add more load or remove the weights
  • Only available in 4lb, 8lb, and 16lb
  • Stitches aren’t very strong
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3. MiR Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest – Best Budget Weighted Vest

Mir Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest, 20 lb
  • Weight 20-60lb
  • Machine Washable

If you are short on cash and are looking for a weight vest that won’t put a dent in your wallet, the MiR Air Flow is worth considering. MiR Air Flow is designed to maximize airflow to dry sweat quickly and allow easier movements. It is machine washable and uses solid iron weights that can be removed if you find the vest too heavy.
The solid iron weights are a major advantage over using sand.  For one, they are completely removable. Moreover, they won’t leak like sand even if the vest gets damaged.

Since the MiR Air Flow is machine washable, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time in cleaning the vest by hand after every sweaty workout session.

MiR is so confident about this weighted vest that they have backed it up with a lifetime warranty so you can go ahead and buy it with confidence.

What We Like

  • Solid iron weights that are completely removable
  • Comfortable padded shoulders
  • Aerodynamic design

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult strap system
  • Doesn’t seem durable
  • Velcro doesn’t last long
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4. TNT Pro Series Weighted Vest

  • Weight 11lb
  • Unisex

If you want a weight vest that won’t make you look like you are going for a tactical showdown, consider adding the TNT Pro Series Weighted Vest to your shortlist. The TNT Pro Series is a unisex product and it is minimally designed so it won’t cover your entire torso. It doesn’t stick out thanks to its compact design.TNT Pro Series Iron Weighted Vest for Men and Women - Evenly Distributed Iron Filled Light Weight Vest for Maximum Performance and Comfort - 11 lbs ...

One of the best features of the TNT Pro Series is that it uses iron pellets rather than sand which is typically used in cheap weight vests. Metal is less likely to create bad odors even with repeated use. The male version of the vest features a yellow logo at the front while the female version comes with a pink logo. One major downside of the TNT Pro Series is that it is available in 11lb only. If you want a heavier vest, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

What We Like

  • Unisex product
  • Uses metal weights
  • Very compact vest

What We Don’t Like

  • No option to adjust the weight
  • Lightweight
  • Poor weight distribution
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5. Mir Short Adjustable Weighted Vest

Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest, 20 lb.
  • Weight 20-60lb
  • Fully adjustable

The Mir Short Adjustable Weighted Vest comes with resistance weights ranging from 20lbs to 60lbs. The wide range of weight should allow you to find your perfect resistance. Since the weights are located on the upper torso, your stomach will be protected against uncomfortable bouncing. Heavy-duty nylon material is used to make the Mir Weighted Vest and it features extra padding design for maximum comfort.

The Mir Weighted Vest is completely adjustable thanks to the two straps that can be easily tightened or loosened for the perfect fit. The weights are also adjustable and stay secured with Velcro. The Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest is on the expensive side, but those extra bucks are worth it as this vest provides good value for money.

What We Like

  • High-quality nylon material
  • Limited stomach discomfort
  • Adjustable weights

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Can bounce on chest
  • Not suitable for technically difficult exercises
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What Makes a Good Weighted Vest?

The weighted vest is a hard-wearing and versatile piece of equipment but it is easy to go wrong with it since there are a lot of options in the market. This is why you need to know how to buy the right weighted vest. We will tell you what makes a good weight vest so that you don’t go wrong with your purchase.


Choosing a weight vest with no adjustability can be a disaster. For instance, if you order a weight vest and you later find that it is too heavy for you, but you cannot remove the weight, you might not be able to use it. Not only that but if the size of the weight vest isn’t adjustable and the vest is too big for you, you would simply be encouraging poor exercising form or increasing the risk of injury. So a good weight vest is the one that is both adjustable in weight and size.

Material Quality

Neoprene is one of the best materials to be used on protective equipment because it is breathable, comfortable and tough. It is also resistant to elements like oil and heat and is tough against water and weather elements. So you can wear a neoprene weighted vest in the wind, rain, and even snow.

When it comes to filling of weighted vests, we recommend you go with the one that has solid iron weights instead of sand fillings. Iron is durable and these weights are mostly removable so you can adjust the weight of the vest according to your requirements. Moreover iron won’t leak like so you can rest assured that your weighted vest will be good for many years.

Weight Distribution

The weight of the vest should be properly distributed. Otherwise, you will struggle to get the right foam or may get injured while trying to work out.


A good weight vest is comfortable. Make sure that the vest you are planning to buy is the perfect fit or can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. If it isn’t the right fit, you will have a hard time concentrating and working out.


Safety is an extremely important factor to consider when working out with a weighted vest. You should never wear a vest that is too heavy for you as this can increase the risk of injury. Not only that, but the weight vest should be a perfect fit. If it isn’t too loose or tight, you will be at a higher risk of injury. Also, make sure that the vest doesn’t become loose while you are working out.


While most high-quality vests come with a warranty, it is still important for you to keep them maintained. Make sure to properly clean your weight vest after every workout session. Follow the cleaning instructions of each product. Most weight vests aren’t machine washable and cannot be put into a drier. So don’t attempt to clean them in this manner. Wash them by hand and dry them properly.