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The Best Weightlifting Shoes – 2022

Weightlifting can be quite rewarding for all those who want to tone their bodies and build muscle mass that they have always wanted to achieve. Weightlifting is not just a matter of pushing a few weights and expecting a miracle to happen; you need to follow a disciplined exercise routine, based on your body’s limitations and how much you want to push yourself. Your body can build more muscle the further you are able to push your limits without causing injuries to yourself. As you can understand, building muscles is easier said than done.

If you are really serious about weightlifting, it is essential for you to have the right gear in order to lift efficiently to get the best results. Of course, the weights, grips and supports for your hands and elbows come in very handy, but you should also focus on the right kind of shoes that can help you lift.

Wearing the right pair of shoes while weightlifting does not just make exercising comfortable, it can also prevent injuries. The right weightlifting shoes can also help you to lift weights with greater proficiency and achieve correct form, which is essential for your training regimen. If you do not have the right weightlifting shoes, now’s the right time to start looking.

For the people who have already been considering their options for weightlifting shoes, you must have come across many brands and models. It is safe to say that choosing the best one can be confusing. We understand that predicament and that is why we have created this guide to help you make the decision.

We have reviewed 5 of the best weightlifting shoes available and added them to this guide. We have also added another guide that will help you narrow down your choices even further to select the pair of weightlifting shoes that will be perfect for you.

The Best Weight Lifting Shoes – Comparison

1. Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-Trainer Shoe – Our Choice

The Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-Trainer comes in as our top choice. These shoes are a hybrid between weightlifting and cross training. With the Pr Cross Trainer, you can expect the much needed stability that will help you with your weightlifting exercises.
This is a popular choice for people who follow a weightlifting regimen along with a CrossFit workout routine to take advantage of both. The 3/4-inch heels of this pair of shoes allow weightlifters to get that deeper squat in order to exert the right amount of force to obtain the perfect form while carrying weights.
The upper portion of this pair is made from genuine leather to ensure a toughness that will make them last longer before the natural wear and tear start to show up. You can count on a lengthy service before they start to show any signs of damage. The antifriction material lining the inside of the shoes makes sure that your feet will not slide even during strenuous exercises. This means that stability will never be a problem as long as your focus is on keeping the form correct.
The straps and lacing system of this product combine to ensure a secure fit. The soles on the shoe have grooves, which allows a weightlifter to have a better grip on the floor even while lifting the heaviest of weights. The rubber material in the soles is flexible enough to make the experience of using them comfortable and durable. You will not have an issue using these shoes for both stationary weightlifting exercises or for exercises that require a lot of movement.
The Pr Cross Trainer makes its way to the top of the list because it is more than just a weightlifting shoe but it performs both of the functions exceptionally well. While you might not consider them for running, they are considered a broad spectrum utility tool to cater to your exercising needs.

Minor Issues

One issue that some of the customers that have bought the Pr Cross Trainer have had is that this pair of shoes is slightly narrow. This is something you need to keep in mind if you have particularly large feet. If you have a wide foot, you would be better off considering other models that we have reviewed here. That narrowness can cause a certain sense of discomfort. It is not that you will not be able to work out with these on; it is just that it will not be as convenient as you would like it to be.


Reebok is one of the leading manufacturers of sporting equipment across the world. They take immense pride in the products that they make for their customers and with something like the Pr Cross Trainer, they are fairly confident in its longevity. While the pair comes with a 1-year warranty, you can rely on the long performance of these shoes.


We Like

  • Multifunctional
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Prevents slipping

We Don’t Like

  • Too narrow for some users
  • Not suitable for running
  • Figuring out the right size is a little tricky

2. Adidas Men’s Powerlift Shoes

Adidas is another huge name when it comes to sporting equipment manufacturers. Just like most of the major brands in the industry, Adidas has also dipped its feet into manufacturing specialized shoes for weightlifters. The weightlifting shoes by Adidas that make it to the second place in our recommendations are the Adidas Powerlift 4.
The die-cut midsole wedge of these shoes leads to a narrower fit with a wider instep strap, which offers the maximum amount of stability for weightlifting. Keep in mind, this is a purpose-built and weightlifting-only shoe made by Adidas.
All of the features of this pair of shoes are fine-tuned to cater to the needs of serious and veteran weightlifters. The flexible design for the toe and an open forefoot along with the lightweight canvas upper section give you just the right amount of breathability. This creates a perfect balance between comfort and durability.
Designed to offer unmatchable stability, you need to understand that this is just built for weightlifting exercises. Unlike the Reebok model, you cannot expect to get a good workout for any other kind of exercise with these. The rubber outsoles will make sure that your feet are firmly planted to the ground, so you can lift the maximum amount of weight while retaining the perfect form.

Minor Issues

They are not as comfortable as some of the other models, which are designed for more applications than just weightlifting. Some people might not be satisfied with the amount of arch support that these shoes provide. The width is almost perfect, but if your feet are narrow and long, you might find picking out the right size a little difficult because of the length in proportion to the width of the shoe.


Adidas is one of the biggest manufacturers of professional and casual sports equipment out there. Top quality products are a guarantee that comes with Adidas and they enjoy that reputation for a reason. When it comes to the Adidas Men’s Powerlift 4 shoes, you can expect a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer, but expect them to last you much longer even with regular use.


We Like

  • Durable weightlifting shoes
  • Dedicated weightlifting shoes
  • Unmatchable stability

We Don’t Like

  • Finding the right fit might be an issue
  • Arch support can be a little problematic for some people
  • Does not accommodate any other exercise

3. Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes

While Nordic might not be considered at the same level as other sports equipment manufacturers, the one area where it can compete with the very best is their weightlifting shoes. The Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes are among our favories because they are made for serious athletes who want to cater to their weightlifting needs.
The 1.4-inch raised heels of these shoes provide a good amount of stability that is conducive for heavy weightlifting while giving you just the right amount of levee to adjust your form and posture. Made with top quality materials, this pair of shoes is built to last a long time of regular use.
When you are using this pair, you will truly understand the difference between regular shoes and anti-slip weightlifting shoes. The outsole allows you to firmly plant your feet in one place while you lift heavy weights without budging even an eighth of an inch.
Nordic focuses a lot on providing good quality at a very reasonable price. Do not think that the more affordable price means that this pair of weightlifting shoes lacks in quality. The fact that it is not the biggest brand in the world is the only reason why it is not priced as highly as some of the others. Besides that, this is one pair which will give you a pretty solid performance.

We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Exceptional performance
  • Durable and comfortable

We Don’t Like

  • Metatarsal strap not the highest quality
  • Male and female hook and loop sides are a little weak
  • Might be too high for deadlift or inexperienced weightlifters

4. Adidas Men’s Power Perfect III. Cross Trainer

Another entry on the list of the best weightlifting shoes by Adidas, the Adidas Men’s Power Perfect III Cross Trainer is the perfect opposite of the running shoes that it makes. They are rigid, strong and durable. You might notice the high heel height at first glance – a quality perfect for weightlifting shoes – what you might not be able to tell is how stable it is.
This pair of shoes is heavy and does not deform under even hundreds of pounds of pressure. The weight of the shoes should not matter since you will need it for an exercise where you will be standing in one place.
The high heels and exceptional arch support of this pair of weightlifting shoes make sure that you can maintain the perfect form while lifting heavy weights. It does not matter how much weight you’re pushing, you should know that the outsole is designed to help you keep your feet firmly planted to the ground without a worry about slipping in any direction.

We Like

  • The slightly lower than standard heel height is more comfortable
  • Keeps your feet firmly planted to the ground
  • Durable and long-lasting performance

We Don’t Like

  • Not the most comfortable weightlifting shoes
  • Getting the right shoe size is tricky
  • Ring for Velcro straps is plastic,which can break with regular use

5. Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Weight Lifting Shoe

The Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Weight Lifting Shoes are a high-spec and top-of-the-line weightlifting product that was created by the British manufacturer for serious weightlifters who also want to engage in exercises like CrossFit and other activities. This is the second pair of shoes on the list that caters to more than one application.
While Inov-8 might not have an international reputation for sports equipment, the company has gained a name in the weightlifting industry due to high performance products like the Fastlift 335. In fact, this pair is actually one of the more popular weightlifting shoes in the market today.
The one quality that sets this pair apart from the other models on this list is the fact that it is not just good for versatile applications, this is also incredibly lightweight as far as weightlifting shoes go.

We Like

  • Lightweight shoes
  • Versatile shoes
  • Allows dynamic movement

We Don’t Like

  • Heel is still high for running
  • Velcro strap is not that durable
  • Getting the right size is tricky

What Makes a Good Weightlifting Shoe?

Now that you have a good selection of the best weightlifting shoes to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the qualities you need to consider in order to make your pick:

Heel Height

A raised heel is one of the defining qualities of weightlifting shoes. It allows you to apply the maximum amount of force to lift while maintaining an upright squatting position. Normally, squatting involves your knees push forward and the torso goes upright. With raised heels, the dorsiflexion is reduced to let you perform deeper squats.
Choose the shoes that offer a comfortable heel height for you. They should not have the same height as regular shoes, but they should not be so tall that would be difficult for you to get into the right form while lifting heavy weights.

The Right Fit

Finding the perfect fit for your feet can be difficult. You need to get shoes that your feet can firmly fit in, but they should not be too tight that they become uncomfortable.
Your focus should be on breathable shoes that can securely fit your feet within the shoes for the maximum amount of stability.

Anti-Slip Qualities

Stability is the biggest factor when it comes to the right weightlifting shoes. While it is important that the fit is snug enough to restrict sliding within the shoe, the outer sole of the shoe should also provide an excellent grip on the floor.
Your weightlifting shoes should feature anti-slip qualities, which allow you to plant your feet firmly to the ground. They should not move around when you are lifting even the heaviest of weights.


Safety always comes first and when it comes to weightlifting, it is the most important concern. Weightlifting is a physically strenuous task, which can cause a lot of serious injuries if it’s not done right. Make sure that you lift only the amount of weights you comfortably can and secure your feet firmly in these shoes while you’re at it.
Another factor to take care of is ensuring you use these shoes only for the activity that they are intended for. There are some models that we have reviewed that are capable of accommodating other forms of exercises while most others are dedicated for use in weightlifting.
Since they are not designed for activities like running, you can risk long-term injuries if you use these shoes for purposes they are not intended for.


Just like any other sports equipment, if you take care of your weightlifting shoes, they will take care of you while you exercise. Make it a point to read the instructions which come along with your shoes to take good care of them. Regularly cleaning them (as per the instructions) and making sure you do not abuse them in any way will help you make sure they last you a very long time without failing.
We hope that this guide will give you all the information you need to make the best buying decision for your weightlifting shoes. Make sure that you take your time before purchasing the right pair of shoes as it’s one of the best investments you will ever make for your weightlifting needs.