How To Wash Workout Gloves

a pair of workout gloves

This guide should help you keep your fabric workout gloves in top condition. If your gloves contain leather, consult the manufacturer’s instructions, as some of the steps below could damage leather gloves.

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Wash Them in The Sink

One of the first steps is to soak them in the sink. Fill your bathroom sink with warm water and add some dishwashing detergent to it. Make sure the water is warm enough for you to get your hands into it comfortably, but it is not boiling. There should be just enough detergent to make the water sudsy.

Submerge your workout gloves into the sudsy warm water. Massage each glove, and make sure you get water in and around all the parts of each glove. Get the water in through the glove fingers and scrub off any grime that might have accumulated on it.

Inside Out

Once you have spent a sufficient amount of time cleaning the gloves in the sink, it is time to flip the gloves inside out. This step makes cleaning the insides a lot easier. After you flip them inside out, follow the same routine you did to clean it on the outside.

Your gloves may continue to smell bad, even after going at it from the inside out. It is best to let them soak in the water for around an hour after cleaning them up before you scrub them again. Once you’re happy with the thorough clean up on both sides, rinse each pair of your workout gloves with clean water. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly and leave no residue behind.

Air Dry

After washing your gloves from both the inside and outside and then rinsing them with clean water, leave them hanging somewhere so that they can become dry. You do not need to waste your time putting them in a dryer. It is always best to let them air dry, so they do not get damaged by excess heat – this is also the reason why you must make sure that the cleaning water is not too hot.

Washing Machine

While it is always a good idea to learn how to wash workout gloves by hand, it is understandable that not everybody has the time to do that. In that case, you can use your washing machine to get the job done.

Throw your gloves into a washing machine with a batch of clothes you want to wash. Make sure the machine has a gentle setting and securely fasten the Velcro straps of your workout gloves, so they do not latch onto any other clothes in the washing machine.


Once they have gone through the washing machine, leave them out to dry in the open air. Do not keep them out in the sun because sun exposure can damage the glove fibers. Air drying will help retain the natural shape of your workout gloves.

It is a good idea to wash your workout gloves every now and then – this allows you to stay comfortable while using them for your workout sessions and keep them in good condition for a longer time before you have to replace them.