Marcy AIR-1 vs Sunny Tornado Air Bike

Marcy and Sunny Health & Fitness make some of the most popular exercise bikes. We have an in-depth look at two of their most popular models, the Marcy AIR-1 vs Sunny Tornado Air Bike – which is the best for you?

Marcy AIR-1 vs Sunny Tornado Air Bike – Specifications

Marcy AIR-1 Fan Exercise BikeSunny Tornado Air Bike SF-B2729
Marcy AIR-1 Fan Exercise Bike
Sunny Tornado Air Bike SF-B2729
Unit Weight79lbs99lbs
Dimensions45” L x 25” W x 47.5” H55" L x 23.5" W x 49" H
Drive typeBeltChain
Adjustable Seat2-way adjustable
(Vertically only)
4-way adjustable
(Horizontally and vertically)
Adjustable HandlebarsNoNo
Weight Capacity300lbs330lbs
Resistance LevelsInfiniteInfinite
Display (Type)Non-backlit LCDNon-backlit LCD
Display (Readouts)Time
Heart Rate
Bottle Holder?NoNo
Tablet Holder?NoYes
Bluetooth compatible?NoNo
Built-in speakers?NoNo
Transport wheels?YesYes
Built-in workout programs?NoNo
Heart rate monitor?NoYes
Warranty2 Years3 Years (Frame)
180 Days (Parts)
Cost ( PriceCheck Price

Marcy AIR-1 vs Sunny Tornado Air Bike – Similarities

Neither of the two air bikes has adjustable handlebars

  • Neither the Marcy nor the Sunny has adjustable handlebars.

The Marcy and Sunny both have the same resistance levels

  • Both air bikes have infinite levels of resistance.

Both offer similar display monitors

  • The Marcy and Sunny both feature a non-backlit LCD screen.

Neither bike has a water bottle holder

  • Neither the Marcy nor the Sunny has a water bottle holder.

Neither air bike is Bluetooth compatible

  • Neither the Marcy nor Sunny air bikes have Bluetooth connectivity.

Neither of the two offer built-in speakers

  • Neither the Marcy nor the Sunny offers a built-in speaker.

Both air bikes have transport wheels

  • Both the Marcy and Sunny feature transport wheels for easy storage and moving when needed.

Neither of the two has built-in workout programs

  • The Marcy and Sunny both do not have any type of built-in workout programs.

Marcy AIR-1 vs Sunny Tornado Air Bike – Differences

The Marcy has a different unit weight compared to the Sunny

  • The Marcy is lighter at 79lbs, while the Sunny weighs 99lbs.

Both the Marcy and Sunny differ in their dimensions

  • The Marcy has a length of 45”, a width of 25”, and a height of 47.5”, while the Sunny is 55” long, 23.5” wide, and 49” tall.

The air bikes do not have the same drive type

  • The Marcy is belt-driven, while the Sunny uses a chain.

Seats for both air bikes have different adjustment options

  • The Marcy is two-way adjustable — up and down, while the Sunny’s seat can be adjusted in four ways — up, down, front, and back.

The Marcy and Sunny offer different maximum weight capacities

  • The Marcy has a maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs, while the Sunny can cater to users up to 330lbs.

Both the Marcy and Sunny have different display readouts

  • The Marcy displays time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, and scan all.
  • The Sunny display RPM, speed, interval, distance, calories, watts, heart rate, and scan.

Only the Sunny has a tablet holder

  • A tablet holder is included with the Sunny; if you want one for the Marcy, you’ll need to buy a third-party model separately.

Only the Sunny has a heart rate monitor

  • The Sunny features a heart rate monitor that is not offered with the Marcy.

Both air bikes offer different warranties

  • The Marcy offers a two-year warranty, while the Sunny has three years for the frame and 180 days for the parts.


Both the Marcy and Sunny are reliable and easy to use air bikes. Choosing between the two will depend on your preferences.

Here are some notable things you might want to consider:

  • The Marcy is easier to move around when needed, given that it weighs less than the Sunny.
  • Some users may prefer a belt-driven type (the Marcy) than a chain-driven one.
  • The Sunny has a more flexible seat adjustment option.
  • The Sunny has more comprehensive features, such as display readout and heart rate monitor.
  • The Sunny has a better warranty.