Marcy NS-1000 vs AIR-1

Marcy make some of the most popular exercise bikes. We have an in-depth look at two of their most popular models, the Marcy NS-1000 vs AIR-1 – which is the best for you?

Marcy NS-1000 vs AIR-1 – Specifications

Marcy NS-1000 Fan Exercise BikeMarcy AIR-1 Fan Exercise Bike
Marcy NS-1000 Fan Exercise Bike
Marcy AIR-1 Fan Exercise Bike
Unit Weight58lbs79lbs
Dimensions45” L x 26.75” W x 48.75” H45” L x 25” W x 47.5” H
Drive typeBeltBelt
Adjustable Seat2-way adjustable
(Vertically only)
2-way adjustable
(Vertically only)
Adjustable HandlebarsNoNo
Weight Capacity250lbs300lbs
Resistance LevelsInfiniteInfinite
Display (Type)Non-backlit LCDNon-backlit LCD
Display (Readouts)Time
Bottle Holder?NoNo
Tablet Holder?NoNo
Bluetooth compatible?NoNo
Built-in speakers?NoNo
Transport wheels?YesYes
Built-in workout programs?NoNo
Heart rate monitor?NoNo
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Cost ( PriceCheck Price

Marcy NS-1000 vs AIR-1 – Similarities

The air bikes have a similar drive type

  • Both the Marcy NS-1000 and AIR-1 are belt-driven.

Seats for both air bikes have the same adjustment options

  • Seats for the Marcy NS-1000 and AIR-1 are two-way adjustable — up and down.

Neither of the two has adjustable handlebars

  • Neither the NS-1000 nor the AIR-1 has adjustable handlebars.

Both the NS-1000 and AIR-1 have the same resistance levels

  • Both air bikes have infinite levels of resistance.

Both offer similar display monitors

  • The NS-1000 and AIR-1 both feature a non-backlit LCD screen.

Neither bike has a water bottle holder

  • Neither the NS-1000 nor the AIR-1 has a water bottle holder.

Neither of the two has a built-in tablet holder

  • The NS-1000 and AIR-1 do not have a built-in tablet holder. However, you can buy a third-party model separately if you need one.

Neither bike is Bluetooth compatible

  • Neither the NS-1000 nor AIR-1 have Bluetooth connectivity.

Neither of the two offer built-in speakers

  • Neither the NS-1000 nor the AIR-1 offers a built-in speaker.

Both air bikes have transport wheels

  • Both the NS-1000 and AIR-1 feature transport wheels for easy storage and moving when needed.

Neither of the two has built-in workout programs

  • The NS-1000 and AIR-1 both do not have any type of built-in workout programs.

Neither exercise bike has a heart rate monitor

  • The NS-1000 and AIR-1 both are not capable of monitoring your heart rate.

Both air bikes have a similar warranty

  • The NS-1000 and AIR-1 both have a two-year warranty.

Marcy NS-1000 vs AIR-1 – Differences

The NS-1000 has a different unit weight compared to the AIR-1

  • The NS-1000 is lighter at 58lbs, while the AIR-1 weighs 79lbs.

Both air bikes have slightly different dimensions

  • The NS-1000 has a length of 45”, a width of 26.75”, and a height of 48.75”, while the AIR-1 is 45” long, 25” wide, and 47.5” tall.

The NS-1000 and AIR-1 offer different maximum weight capacities

  • The NS-1000 has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, while the AIR-1’s maximum weight capacity is up to 300lbs.

Both the NS-1000 and AIR-1 have different display readouts

  • The NS-1000 displays time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and scan all.
  • The AIR-1 displays time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, and scan all.


The NS-1000 and AIR-1 are both good air bikes. Choosing between the two will depend on your preferences.

Here are some notable things you might want to consider:

  • Though the AIR-1 is heavier, it takes slightly less space than the NS-1000.
  • The AIR-1 has a higher maximum weight capacity.