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The MIR Air Flow Weighted Vest is one of the most popular weight vests on the market. It is aimed at users who want to add some weight to their workouts, to increase calorie burn, endurance, and general fitness.

Below we take an in-depth look at this weighted vest – is it the best fit for you?

MIR Air Flow Weighted Vest – Features

miR Air Flow Weighted Vest
Weight20lbs - 60lbs
Material1200D Reinforced Nylon Construction
Maximum Weight60lbs
Weight MaterialIron
Removable WeightsYes
Weight Increments3lbs
SizeOne size fits most
FeaturesDouble Padding and lining throughout
One hook and loop fastening
Weights included?Yes
Shoulder PadsYes
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Cost (amazon.com)Check Price

MIR Weighted Vest Review

What We Like

  • Machine washable
  • Tough, durable zipper
  • Wide range of adjustments

What We Don’t Like

  • Velcro straps poorly placed
  • The wide strap may chafe against your neck
  • Straps can shed threads


The MiR Air Flow Weighted Vest is built like a tank. The construction, stitches, zippers, and hems are all built for heavy-duty use, capable of withstanding large amounts of weight. The MiR Air Flow is machine washable, and it’s made for years of continuous use.

Reinforced nylon straps make this vest weight-adjustable. This would typically be a weighted vest’s Waterloo, but the MiR Air Flow can show the rest how it’s done.


Measuring only 11 inches high, the MiR Air Flow Vest’s short stature means it will not get in the way of the most demanding workouts. The vest is CrossFit-compatible, and it allows for a wide range of motion, accommodating strength exercises like flipping a truck tire on the floor or gymnastics workouts like performing twirls and ring muscle-ups.

Unlike most weighted vests where one size fits all, the MiR Air Flow can be adjustable to follow your body’s contours.


The MiR Air Flow Weighted Vest doesn’t have a lot of loose material on it. It’s taut and trim and will sit comfortably on the upper part of your torso whenever you’re working out. There is a premium feel to it whenever you pick it up, and it’s easy to tell that it was manufactured to the highest standards.

The only complaints against the MiR Air Flow are design flaws, never the quality of its fabric or construction.

Weight Capacity

The vest has an adjustable design for its weights, a unique feature found only around and above its price range. You can keep adding weight in 3lb increments, starting from 20lbs and topping out at 60lbs. Some people feel that 20lbs is a little too heavy for a starting weight, but that just comes down to personal preference.

The adjustable design makes this vest one of the most versatile in the market today. Capable of tackling pull-ups, pushups, air squats, and runs, in unlimited resistance variations.

Design / Features

Because the MiR Air Flow is designed to fit around your upper torso, you will need to use your core to carry its load, unlike weighted vests that feature weights going down to your abdomen. This can be a pro or a con for some users.

The vest’s fabric is nothing to write home about, but it’s comfortable even after being worn for hours. No chafing, burning, or allergies have been reported from wearers of the MiR Air Flow.


The MiR Air Flow is one of the pricier vests of its type, but we think it’s worth the price for its unique features and quality. Nothing with a lower price tag can beat this vest’s hardy construction and customizable weight.

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How Does It Compare?

RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

The RUNmax Pro is made of Neoprene, compared to the proprietary cotton blend of the MIR Air Flow. The MIR Air Flow’s material is easier to clean thoroughly since it is machine washable.

Both vests use iron as their weight material and the total weight of the RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest is adjustable, like the MIR. However, the RUNmax vest has a wider adjustable weight range of 12lbs to 60lbs, compared to the MIR Air Flow’s starting range of 20lbs to 60lbs.

The RUNmax Pro has more design features, with its phone pocket and a water bottle holder. On the other hand, the MIR Air Flow has a unique zip-up design for easy removal.

The RUNmax Pro is usually a little more budget friendly than the MIR Air Flow weighted vest.

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RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

The Aduro Sport Weighted Vest is made of Neoprene. Though it is non-abrasive and skin friendly, the MIR Air Flow’s cotton blend is easier to clean.

When it comes to maximum weight, the MIR has it better at 60lbs, compared to the 25lbs of the Aduro vest. Aside from that, the Aduro vest does not have an option to remove and add weights making it less versatile than the MIR Air flow.

On a different note, the Aduro Sport has a lower starting weight range make it more beginner friendly. It is also more budget friendly compared to the MIR Air Flow.

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CAP Weight Vest

The CAP and MIR Air Flow Weighted Vest can both have their total weight adjusted.

The CAP has a higher maximum weight of 150lbs compared to the MIR Air Flow’s 60lbs, making the CAP more attractive to those who wish to have a more intense workout.

When it comes to material used, the MIR Air Flow uses cotton blend, while the CAP uses a combination of nylon and polyester with breathable neoprene padding.

In general, the MIR Air Flow is a little more expensive than the CAP weighted vest when comparing vests on the same weight range. Prices do vary, so it’s best to check the current price.

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CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Weighted Vest

The ZFOsports Weighted Vest has a higher maximum weight of 80lbs compared to the 60lbs of the MIR Air Flow. With both vests, you have to specify the maximum weight of the vest when you buy it – you can’t add weights to a 40lb vest after purchase.

The ZFOsports has more design features, such as a phone pocket and a water bottle holder.

Lastly, when it comes to the price, the ZFOsports is generally cheaper than the MIR Air Flow vest.

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