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The Schwinn 430 is an entry-level home use / light commercial elliptical trainer. It is aimed at users who are looking for a basic, reliable, sturdy elliptical, and are not concerned about missing out on features included in more expensive machines, such as wireless heart rate monitoring and power-adjustable incline.

Below we take an in-depth look at this elliptical trainer – is it the best model for your needs?


Schwinn 430 Elliptical – Features

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine
TypeCross Trainer
MethodMagnetic Resistance
Flywheel Weight20lbs
Resistance Levels20
Incline Range0-10 degrees
Incline AdjustmentManual
DisplayLCD Console
USB Charging PortYes
Heart RateNo
Workout Programs22
Max User Weight300lbs
Machine Weight169lbs
Dimensions70.1"L x 28.2"W x 63.2"H
Tablet / Book HolderYes
Stride Length20"
Built-in FanYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Water Bottle HolderYes
Adjustable PedalsNo
User Profiles2
Warranty (Frame)10 Years
Warranty (Mechanical)2 Years
Warranty (Electronics)1 Year
Warranty (Labor)90 days
Cost (amazon.com)Check Price

Schwinn 430 Review

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Build quality

If you go by appearance only, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical looks strong and sturdy. Don’t get us wrong; the framework of the elliptical is well-built. Schwinn uses steel tubing to provide a sturdy frame. It also weighs 165 pounds, which adds to its solid feel. On closer inspection, however, certain parts like the pedals appear flimsy. 


After a few weeks of use, some users report the cushioned footplates also loosened up and started to move around. This made it much harder to maintain a solid footing and tiring to use in general. Problems like that mean that this elliptical might not be suited for frequent use. 


Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the 430 Elliptical is 300 lbs. For those that need a machine with a higher capacity, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 


Adjustment range

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical offers users 20 different resistance adjustments, making it a smart choice for beginners and experts alike. You can select you’re a workout intensity that suits you and build it up over time. 


To provide an extra level of difficulty, the machine comes with an incline range of 0-10 degrees. Mixing the resistance levels with the incline allows users to change up their workout routine to keep it fresh and interesting. 


For those that rely on the machine to dictate programs, the 430 Elliptical has two fitness tests and 20 programs. The machine is sure to keep you on your toes and help you intensify your workouts. 



The machine is 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches in dimension, making it compact. The stride length is about 20 inches, so you should consider that when picking a spot for it. You also need to consider the height from the ceiling when using the machine. It is recommended that you add 21 inches to your height to determine if you can use the machine in the room without the possibility of hitting the ceiling. 


Design / Features

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical has a sleek and modern design. It comes with tons of useful features that will make your workout more enjoyable. The speakers are a favorite of ours, as you can connect them to a mobile device via Bluetooth*. You can also charge your devices with the handy charging port. The only feature missing is a heart rate monitor.

* Older versions of this model (pre-2017) did not have Bluetooth compatibility. At the time of writing (2020) there shouldn’t be any 2016 or older models still for sale new, but it’s worth confirming which model you’re looking at if the Bluetooth feature is important to you. 


There is some assembly required, but it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours. The manual that comes with the machine is straightforward and easy to follow. The machine comes with all the tools needed for assembly, so you don’t have to fumble through your toolbox. However, you may find it easier to use your own tools, as the supplied tools have the appearance of being “use once, then throw away”.



The Schwinn 430 Elliptical is for anyone looking to intensify their cardio workout. It does fall in the high-end price range but offers users a ton of features and workout programs that will help redefine their workout and get them the results they want.


How Does It Compare?

Schwinn 470

The 430 is lower down Schwinn’s model range than the 470. Compared to the 470, the 430 has fewer resistance level settings (20 vs 25 levels), fewer built-in workout programs (22 vs 29), and fewer user profiles (2 vs 4).

By opting for the cheaper elliptical, you’ll also lose powered incline adjustment, heart rate monitoring, and a backlight for the LCD display.

For a more in-depth look at these two machines, check out our Schwinn 430 vs 470 comparison.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine

Nautilus E614

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical and Schwinn 430 have very similar specifications and features. This is not surprising, as Nautilus owns Schwinn.

There are some minor differences (apart from appearance and maybe price): The Schwinn 430 offers variable incline settings between 0-10 degrees, while Nautilus off 6 fixed incline positions, but don’t state the angles they have selected. Incline adjustment in both cases is manual.

The E614 has 2 separate LCD displays (the 430 makes do with one).

The Bluetooth connection available with the current model year Schwinn 430 may be enough to give it the edge (there was no Bluetooth connectivity on older versions of the Schwinn 430 either, so make sure you get a current model).

To find out more about how these two machines stack up, check out our comparison here.

Sole E25

Though the E25 is one of the less-expensive models in the Sole range, it’s really more of a direct competitor to the Schwinn 470 in terms of features.

Compared to the Sole E25, the Schwinn 430 misses out on features such as powered incline adjustment, backlit LCD display, and chest-strap heart-rate monitoring compatibility. The Schwinn also makes do with a maximum incline setting of 10 degrees (the Sole has a 20-degree maximum).

Finally, the Sole E25 also has a higher maximum weight capability (350lbs vs 300lbs), and Sole also offers a longer warranty than Schwinn.

Sole E25 Elliptical
ProForm 520E

Proform 520E

If you buy the Proform 520E (another brand owned by Nautilus), you’ll find a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to the Schwinn 430.The 520E has fewer resistance level settings (18 vs 20), , fewer built-in workout programs (18 vs 22), and only 1 user profile vs 4 (unless you pay for the iFit subscription). Also, the Schwinn elliptical has a built-in fan, a feature missing from the 520E.

The 520E does offer a larger range of incline settings (0-20 degrees vs 0-10 degrees), as well as powered adjustment for the incline, compared to the manual incline adjustment the Schwinn model offers.

The 520E has a backlit LCD, which looks more modern & is more functional in low-lit areas than the older display on the Schwinn 430.

The warranty comparison is mixed – the Proform elliptical has a lifetime frame warranty (vs the 10 years offered by Schwinn), but the parts warranty is shorter (12 months vs 2 years), and the 520E has a longer labor warranty (12 months vs the Schwinn’s 90 days).

The Proform is usually in the same general price range as the Schwinn 430, though the Schwinn elliptical is normally a little lower-prices. Prices do change, so it’s worth checking.

NordicTrack C7.5

Compared to the C7.5, the 430 has fewer resistance level settings (20 vs 25), fewer built-in workouts (22 vs 29), and fewer user profiles (1 vs 4*).

*you can store up to four user profiles with the NordicTrack machine if you opt to subscribe to their iFit program, which offers some other benefits, but has a monthly fee.

The NordicTrack C7.5 also lacks the USB port offered by the Schwinn 430, but it gains a backlit LCD display, compared to the Schwinn’s non-backlit version.

However, it’s not all bad news – the NordicTrack offers a greater range of incline (0-20 degrees vs 0-10 degrees), a higher maximum weight (325 vs 300 pounds), powered incline adjustment, and a better warranty (lifetime on the frame, and 12 months on labor, compared to the 10 years / 90 days offered by Schwinn).

NordicTrack c7.5 Elliptical Machine

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