Why Wear Weightlifting Shoes?

weightlifting shoes and bar bell

Of course, the question stands: Do you really need weightlifting shoes? Well, the short answer is yes. Experts agree that if you are looking to improve your weightlifting performance, you need to wear proper shoes. Having weightlifting shoes can drastically improve your performance, especially if you lift weights regularly. Once you’ve discovered why weightlifting shoes …

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Barbell vs Dumbbell: Which Is The Best?

barbell or dumbbell

With US wholesale consumer fitness equipment sales of $3.77 billion in 2015 alone, it’s safe to say people want to get into shape. For some, it’s a bid to improve their overall fitness. Others are chasing specific end goals, like improving core strength or losing weight based on their doctor’s orders. What if you’re looking to build strength and mass? …

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