Why Wear Weightlifting Shoes?

weightlifting shoes and bar bell

Of course, the question stands: Do you really need weightlifting shoes? Well, the short answer is yes. Experts agree that if you are looking to improve your weightlifting performance, you need to wear proper shoes. Having weightlifting shoes can drastically improve your performance, especially if you lift weights regularly.

Once you’ve discovered why weightlifting shoes are essential, have a look at our review of the best weightlifting shoes.

What Are Weightlifting Shoes?

In order to understand why you should wear weightlifting shoes, it’s important to understand what they are first.

Weightlifting shoes have been around for a very long time now. From powerlifters to competitive Olympic weightlifters, everybody has been using them for lifting heavy weights. While their initial appearance may look very similar to conventional sneakers, weightlifting shoes are heavier. They have a flat sole and some kind of mid-foot straps that provide a more secure fit to your feet.

When Should I Use Them?

When you are thinking about why you should wear weightlifting shoes, you also need to consider when you should use them. This footwear is considered to be a very useful tool for this activity, but you also need to know that they can turn into a crutch for you if you do not use them properly.

Before you consider the shoes themselves, you need to make sure you’ve got the technique on point. You have to be able to squat well and for that, regular shoes will provide you a good feedback on your own stance.

Instead of relying on a weightlifting shoe right from the beginning, focus on getting everything about your weightlifting posture right. From the mobility and flexibility to the stance and general experience, master these things so you can use weightlifting shoes to make the most of the activity.

Ankle Support

The reason why it is only useful to have these as part of your gear when you become a regular with weightlifting is that they provide a lot of support for your ankles. Now, if you’re taking on weightlifting as a one-off, your feet and ankles will experience some pressure but they can take it every once in a while. If you’re doing it regularly, however, your feet will need that extra ankle support so you do not get injured in the long run.


The raised heel and extra support for the ankle also allows weightlifting shoes to provide your ankle joints superior mobility for weightlifting. This is one of the most important reasons why you should wear weightlifting shoes.

The ankle support and better mobility combine to create a stable platform for you to lift heavy weights. They allow your feet to sink into the cushion created by the raised soles and they absorb some of the force that is generated when you are pushing out the bottom of a lift. The result is an ability to lift relatively heavier weights in comparison to regular shoes (provided you have the experience).


Perhaps, the most important reason why you should wear weightlifting shoes is the fact that they provide extra security to your feet and ankles. Lifting heavy weights is not easy for any part of the body and especially your feet. Just like how sportslifters use straps for their waists and for the wrists to provide these parts extra stability and safety, weightlifting shoes do the same for your feet and ankles.


You should make a point to pick out the best pair of lifting shoes based on your preference. Whether you go for Nike or Reebok, it is up to you. Top brands produce great weightlifting shoes all around so you just need to make the decision based on your personal preference after trying out a few different kinds. Focus on how you feel and move and that should be the primary factor for you to decide the right brand or model of weightlifting shoes for yourself.