Adjustable vs Flat Weight Benches

Adjustable vs flat weight benches

We know what you must be thinking: Is there even a difference? The answer is yes. If you want to get the most out of your workout and home gym, you need to decide which one you will be buying. The difference will mean an effective workout or a mediocre one.

Once you’ve decided which type is best for you, have a look at our guides to the best adjustable weight bench or the best flat weight bench.

Flat Weight Bench

There are a few reasons why you should consider getting a flat bench instead of an adjustable bench, and just as many why you should get an adjustable instead of a flat. We have decided to list them all, and let you decide in the end.

A flat bench is better to start out with. If you are just starting out, you will not need an adjustable bench for a long time. There are a lot of benefits from using an adjustable bench, but there is also a lot to learn which can be overwhelming for a beginner.

Flats benches are easy to buy. Most designs are similar; what you get with one you will get with the other. It is also easy to spot which ones are dangerous and should be ignored. They are also a lot cheaper than adjustable benches.

A flat bench is a lot simpler. When it comes to assembly, you don’t need to be able to figure out any complicated instructions. Flat benches are easy to set up, but adjustable benches are a nightmare. And, if you get it wrong you are in for a world of hurt

Adjustable benches come with features that get in the way. It can be annoying when you want to get on with your workout, but there are a bunch of attachments (that you don’t use anyway) that keep messing up your movements.

Adjustable benches have a lot of moving parts. If you do not fork out a lot of money for a high-end adjustable bench, there will be a few design flaws. They will move, cause discomfort and irritate you in the end.

There will always be a gap in an adjustable bench. A flat bench does not have moving parts; it is flat, and it will support you. But adjustable benches always have parts that move up and down and leave sizeable gaps which are uncomfortable.

Adjustable Weight Benches

Now that we have looked at the joys of a flat bench, it is time to seriously consider what an adjustable weight bench can bring to the table.

The adjustable seat can be used for comfort and to maximize your workout. If you are more advanced, you may need an adjustable bench to give your workouts a better intensity.

They have awesome features. When planning on creating a home gym, you need to make the most out of your space. Adjustable benches come with a few additions which will allow you to make the most of your space without buying too much equipment

Some adjustable benches can be folded up and moved away. They are easy to store, and some models come with wheels so that you can move the bench around with incredible ease.

They are strong. The problem with flat benches is that they are easy to make, and manufacturers sometimes cut corners. This leads to wobbly benches that can be a hazard to your health. Adjustable benches are a lot heavier and firmer, which is great for safety.

The adjustable seats can adjust into different positions which means you get more out of it. You can perform a greater variety of exercises with varying intensity. You also get to focus on specific muscle groups.

Which One Wins?

If we gave you the answer, it would probably be the wrong one. You know what your circumstances are, and what you want from your home gym. At the end of the day, you need to take home the equipment that will best serve you.