What Does A Weight Vest Do?

Weight Vest

Here is a look at all the advantages you can gain by using a weight vest during weight training exercises.

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Adds Resistance to Bodyweight Training

One of the most important things you need to know about what a weight vest does is add more resistance to your regular bodyweight training. Imagine doing regular cardio exercises that you do with a little extra weight. You will be doing the same exercises with the weight of someone heavier than you and that will improve your training without having to make use of other training equipment.

Burns Additional Fat

Now, one of the things about regular exercises is that they help you burn fat. High intensity workouts burn fat faster and are considered to be the fastest way to lose fat. With added resistance to your training, one of the things that a weight vest does is allow you to burn more fat than you normally would in the same amount of time.

Improves Strength

Consider any exercise that you do regularly. It can be anything from weight lifting at your gym or just jogging in a park. You add a weight vest to the equation and your body will be working with a little more weight than it is used to and that will improve your overall strength if you use it on a regular basis. Your core strength, in particular, will improve.

You must have tried maintaining balance or planking at some point. If you feel that planking with your own bodyweight is difficult, imagine how much harder it will be with additional pounds attached to your torso. As challenging as it may be, it also means your core strength will improve far more than it would without a weight vest attached to your torso.

Improves Endurance

The fact that you are going to be exercising with more than just your own bodyweight means that the weight vest can also help you increase your overall endurance for any kind of exercise. The additional resistance added by the weight vest makes even the simplest task of bending over a little harder and that means you can feel a strong core activation for something you would not consider a part of any exercise.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Imagine having 10 additional pounds through a weight vest. The cardio exercises you do will be based on the weight of a person that is 10 pounds heavier than you. With your heart and body working harder than it would for someone with your own bodyweight, it spells good news for your overall cardiovascular health in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Understanding what a weight vest does shows that it is definitely something that can help you with exercise. Of course, you need to use weight vests with some caution. They are heavy and can add a huge amount of pressure on your torso. Make sure you do not overexert yourself while wearing the weight vest because it can cause injuries to your joints and create muscle knots if you go overboard. When you start using one of these, pace yourself and take it easy in the initial stages before easing into a workout routine more akin to the one you had without the weight vest.