How To Use A Weight Vest

man running

Here is a look at the different ways you can use a weighted vest to make your exercises more effective.

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Body Weight Exercises

Regular body-weight exercises are great for your health. One of the best things about how to use a weight vest is you can add it to your regular body-weight exercise routine. Simply putting it on can improve your regular exercise by a large margin in terms of what you can achieve through it. A 10-pound weighted vest essentially means you will be doing the same exercises only with the weight of a person 10 pounds heavier than you.

Walks and Hikes

Similar to using it to add to the effectiveness of your regular body-weight workouts, you can make your hikes and walks a lot better. Slip on your weight vest and you will feel you need to put in a little more effort while you are walking and hiking. That extra bit of resistance from the weight vest will allow you to burn more calories during these relatively simple activities.

Ride Your Bike

Another way of how to use a weight vest is to have it on while you are riding a bike. Hitting the trail on your bike with a weighted vest is an excellent strategy to put it to good use. You can switch between standing to a seated position while you’re riding a trail uphill to give your body a proper workout. You can even do the same thing while wearing it on a stationary indoor bike.

Household Chores

Wearing the weight vest can make anything a workout, even your regular household chores. Things like taking out the trash, mopping the floors or dusting are all a bit of a workout on their own. If you add a little more resistance, it can make your regular chores help you burn a little more calories and improve your core strength.

Lifting Weights

One of the best ways of how to use a weight vest is to add it to your regular workout routine while you are lifting weights. This will add a little more weight your body has to deal with while you are already lifting weights and make those exercises more intense. You will notice your core, lower back, inspiratory and expiratory  muscles working harder for the same exercises and that will improve the overall effectiveness of the workout.


On a parting note, you should remember to be very careful while using a weight vest. It isn’t important just to know how to use a weight vest but also when to use it. Weighted vests are something your body will need to get used to. When you start using a weighted vest, make sure you take it easy on the exercises initially before you get back to the regular level you were working out on without using a weight vest. You need to increase your use the weight vest gradually to prevent any injuries caused by overexertion.