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The Proform HIIT is unique hybrid elliptical / step machine. It is aimed at users who want a home cardio machine that lets them carry out high-intensity interval training, a method of training that promises results in less time than traditional cardio exercise, but is more stressful & may not be suited to everybody.

We take an in-depth look at this cardio machine – is it the best model for your needs?


Proform HIIT Elliptical – Features

Bowflex Max Trainer
TypeCross Trainer
MethodMagnetic Resistance
Flywheel Weight30lbs
Resistance Levels24
Display7" HD Touchscreen
USB Charging PortNo
Heart RateYes
Workout Programs32
Max User Weight325lbs
Machine Weight212lbs
Dimensions66.7"L x 29.25"W x 52"H
Tablet / Book HolderYes
Stride Length10" vertical, 5" horizontal
Built-in FanYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Water Bottle HolderYes
Adjustable PedalsNo
User ProfilesN/A
Warranty (Frame)10 Years
Warranty (Mechanical)1 Year
Warranty (Electronics)1 Year
Warranty (Labor)1 Year
Cost (amazon.com)Check Price

Proform HIIT Review

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Build Quality

HIIT has become a popular way to workout. With it, you get a high-intensity workout for your whole body. Proform lets users do just that safely with its unique HIIT Elliptical. 


The machine’s design is intended to provide the results of HIIT exercises, but with low-impact, so you get similar gains but are less prone to injuries. The cushioned pedals and multi-grip handlebars provide users with added comfort while they workout. At just 132 lbs., the machine is light compared to others in its class, and its steel tube frame is very durable. Proform provides users with a lifetime warranty for the frame and three years for the parts. 


Weight Capacity

The Proform HIIT Elliptical has a maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs, a little higher than most other ellipticals in its class, which often offer a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. 


Adjustment Range

The machine has a 28 lbs. flywheel that allows users up to 24 resistance settings to choose from. You will be able to change the settings as you please, amplifying your workouts on your way to working up a sweat. With so many different settings, you will not find yourself getting bored on the machine. 



Since the elliptical has elements of a stairclimber, you must be careful when selecting a spot for it in the house. The dimensions of the machine are 66.7 x 29.25 x 39 inches. To see if the room has a ceiling high enough for the elliptical when in use, you can add up to 27 inches to your height to be on the safe side. 



The Proform HIIT Elliptical has a different design from the typical elliptical with its stairclimber elements. The machine is a mix of an elliptical and stairclimber, with the footpath set at 10 inches vertically and five inches horizontally. The position forces the body to exert itself more with every step. 


It comes equipped with a seven-inch screen that provides you with updates on your workout progress. You have the option to connect it to a tablet to export your data. To monitor your heart, the handlebars have a grip pulse reader. While it works well, if you prefer using a wireless reader from time to time, you will find that functionality lacking. 



Proform provides a guide to help with the assembling process. The process is simple and should take you about an hour at most. There are not too many moving parts to the machine, and you have everything you need to assemble in the box. 



For anyone looking for a compact elliptical that offers a full-body workout, the Proform HIIT Elliptical is a good choice. However, it is one of the more expensive consumer cardio machines on the market. However, it may be worth the high price, as according to the maker, it lets you burn almost four times the calories you would burn on a treadmill for the same amount of time.

How Does It Compare?

Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer weighs 143lbs, while the Proform HIIT weighs 132lbs. Both ellipticals are lighter than most other machines in the market.

Like other elliptical machines, the Bowflex Max Trainer has a standard maximum weight of 300lbs which makes the Proform HIIT a little more versatile with a maximum weight of 325lbs.

The Bowflex Max has 16 levels of resistance and 9 built-in workout programs, while the Proform comes with 24 resistance levels and 32 workout programs, making the Proform more challenging to use than the Bowflex Max.

Both ellipticals are on the pricier end of the scale, but the Proform HIIT is typically more expensive than the Bowflex Max.

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Bowflex Max Trainer
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470

The Schwinn 470 is toughly built, even though it only weighs 160lbs and is considered pretty lightweight compared to other machines. However, the Proform HIIT is even lighter at only 132lbs.

When it comes to the maximum weight capacity, the Schwinn 470 can cater for users up to 300lbs, while the Proform HIIT has a higher maximum weight capacity of 325lbs.

Both ellipticals are similar when it comes to how challenging workouts can be. Their resistance levels are not very different, as the Schwinn 470 offers 25 levels, while the Proform HIIT offers 24. The built-in workout programs are quite close in numbers as well – the Proform HIIT offers 32 programs compared to 29 for the Schwinn 470.

Both ellipticals are priced towards the higher end of this market, however prices change frequently so it’s best to check.

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Sole E35

The Sole E35 is heavier compared to other machines here, but is considered durable and sturdy at 231lbs. The E35 has a higher maximum weight capacity of 375lbs, compared to the already a little higher than usual 325lbs of the Proform HIIT.

On the surface, one might think that the Sole E35 offers a very limited workout with just 8 resistance levels and 10 built-in workout programs compared to the Proform HIIT that offers 24 resistance levels and 32 workout programs. To make up for it, the Sole E35 has 0-20 degrees incline range.

Both have a backlit LCD console, but the Sole E35’s display is half an inch bigger at 7.5”, while the Proform has 7” LCD console.

Overall, both are high-end machines and the Proform is usually a little more expensive than the Sole E35.

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Sole E35 Elliptical Machine
NordicTrack c7.5 Elliptical Machine

NordicTrack C7.5

The NordicTrack C7.5 weighs a total of 190lbs, while the Proform HIIT is only 132lbs. Though the NordicTrack is heavier, both elliptical machines offer the same maximum weight capacity of 325lbs.

Both offer challenging workouts and despite their slight differences, whatever you choose will give you a wider range compared to other machines. The NordicTrack has 22 resistance levels and 26 built-in workout programs. The Proform HIIT offers a little more with 24 resistance levels and 32 workout programs. Generally, users may not really be bothered with this slight difference.

Though both have a backlit LCD console, the NordicTrack has a smaller 5” display, while the Proform HIIT features a 7” display.

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Proform 520E

The Proform 520E is one of the heavier elliptical machines weighing 200lbs, especially when compared to the Proform HIIT that only weighs 132lbs.

While the 520E is heavier, it has a lower maximum weight capacity of just 300lbs—25lbs short of the Proform HIIT’s 325lbs maximum weight capacity.

The 520E offers a decent amount of 18 resistance levels and 18 workout programs but are still lower compared to the Proform HIIT that offers 24 resistance levels and 32 built-in workout programs.

Both feature a backlit LCD display but the 520E is only 5”, while the Proform HIIT has a 7” screen.

The 520E is more affordable in general when compared to the Proform HIIT.

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ProForm 520E

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